frequently asked questions

As you have questions about this blog or class, I will try to respond to them here with FAQ’s.

Q:  Can i submit assignments electronically?  No

Q:  What if i already subscribe to the New York Times?  Bring in your receipt for the semester and we’ll give you credit.

Q:  What if i write over the page limit on assignments?  You’ll be penalized.

Q:  Can I turn in the case responses to you before or after class?  No, these are in part an attendance score.

Q:  What will be covered next week?  Check the syllabus.

Q:  What will be on the exam?  Check the syllabus.  Combination of lecture and readings.

Q:  What if I am sick and miss a day?  You’ll have two no-fault misses on the case responses.

Q:  For the assignments 2 and 3 am i supposed to pick a case from the readings?  No, create your own original idea, to which you will then link some aspects of cases covered in class.

Q:  What question do professors enjoy most?  “Are we going to talk about anything important today?”


2 Responses to “frequently asked questions”

  1. Jean Kwon Says:

    Hi, Dr. Reese.

    While reading the NYT especially the op/ed section looking for a good article for assignment 1, I run into a lot of articles dealing with the Wall Street Crisis. I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about stocks and what is going on. Sure, I know the facts like the government bought out Fannie Mae, and JP Morgan is almost bankrupt (something along those lines) but I don’t understand what these events mean. So a few prominent companies are going up in flames but how do they affect the economy? What does mortgage rates and stocks have to do with our country’s economic slump? I would like to understand how all these events relate. Is there any possibility you can post something here in the blog? Thanks!


  2. Jean Kwon Says:

    One mistake–I meant to say the buyout of Merrill Lynch not JP Morgan.

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