Exam question examples

In the Minnesota basketball cheating case, community members accused the St. Paul Pioneer Press mainly of __________.

  1. Lack of credibility
  2. Unfair timing
  3. Lack of objectivity
  4. Defamation

Which of the following reactions to Gorge Dohrmann’s report of the Minnesota basketball cheating scandal is NOT true?

  1. Minnesota’s then Governor Ventura accused the Pioneer Press of “sensationalism journalism.”
  2. Minnesota’s former governor, Arne Carlson, pronounced the university a victim of the newspaper war.
  3. Community members widely condemned the paper for ill intentions. 
  4. There was a sharp decrease in sales of the newspaper the day the story ran.
  5. None of the above

Which of the following is a correct description of the reporter George Dohrmann in the process of investigating the Minnesota basketball cheating scandal?

  1. Established rapport with his source
  2. Became aware of intense competition with the rival newspaper
  3. Looked for solid evidence and explanation
  4. All of the above
Columbine daily quiz questions:
1.  what’s the golden rule for interviewing children?
2.  according to the rtndf99 guidelines, what should you assume about a terrorist or hostage taker that has to do with media?
3.  is it ok to report information obtained from police scanners?

3.  In his study of the young and the news, what paradox did Mindich find?

a.     As people became less informed, they became more politically engaged

b.     As media consumption decreased, political knowledge increased

c.     Young people consumed a lot of news but knew very little

d.     Young people were not politically engaged but they did volunteer


4.  Communication historian James Carey cited two factors drawing the individual away from community engagement.  These are:

a.     The Internet and Travel

b.     Increased Leisure Time and Liberalism

c.     Liberalism and Utopia

d.     Massification and Progressive Differentiation


5.  The Progressive response to societal ills was partly based on the belief that journalists should NOT have an active role in democratic enhancements.

            a. True

b. False


6.  What is the “virtuous circle”?

a.     Journalists’ description of their relationship with the state

b.     Journalists’ description of their relationship with business

c.     The negative relationship between news, knowledge, and civic life

d.     The positive relationship between news, knowledge, and civic life

9.  In classroom, your instructor took examples of early American journalists — Sam Adams and Thomas Paine — to primarily suggest _______________.

a. Fabrication of facts prevalent in colonial American journalism

b. What journalism can do with the impact of an individual’s idea on community

c. Beginning of the “muckraking” tradition

d. Always popular themes of war and crime in news


10.  The need for solid evidence in the coverage of controversial issues is most directly related to the “independence” as a professional principle.       

a.     True

b.     False


11.  Public’s right to know must always take priority over assembling the proper level of supporting evidence.

a. True

b. False 

Times Picayune case facts quiz

  1. Times picayune series on racism was criticized for NOT probing its own racist past by its readers  (true/false). 
  2. Some white staff members opposed the idea of including slavery as a subject in the series, because they______________ 
  1. believed that slavery was history and not news
  2. were concerned the subject would stir racial animosity
  3. did not want to reveal the paper’s history of supporting slavery before the Civil War
  4. worried many white readers would cancel subscriptions 
3.  Times picayune’s publisher Phelps, Jr. initially proposed a series on crime, which was objected to with the argument that it would inevitably end up offending blacks:  (True/false) 
4.  identify at least one of the main stories from the front page of the Monday Times



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  1. Chelsea DiSchiano Says:

    Can you provide an answer key for these questions so we can check our answers?

  2. Zachary Duke Says:

    I second that.

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