essay question example

Essay question:

You will write on the Internet/Starr Case. Write in the blue book.  Follow the order of the question—number the question parts (1, 2, 3, etc.). An excellent response will be LEGIBLE, clearly written, easy to follow, and demonstrate knowledge of the case and the issues it represents. A weak response will be written in sentence fragments, randomly presented, devoid of specific facts and ideas, and full of general B.S. and unsupported personal opinions.

Concerning the Internet journalism/Starr report Case: (1) briefly state the relevant facts of the case (key players, political, technological), and then discuss the “professional” issues surrounding (2) the Drudge report’s scoop, (3) the Dallas Morning News retraction, (4) the posting of the Starr report on-line.  Be sure to mention for each of the three issues what concerns and principles should guide the journalist in making the right decision.


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