assignment 2 examples

Here are some examples of appropriate case studies from assignment 2 work, which I have paraphrased below (thanks to the students who supplied this work, who I credit on the Blackboard site, including the actual assignments below.  Each was considered a good example meeting the expectations of the assignment).


The NYT was accused of suppresssing a story before the 2008 elections concerning connections between candidate Obama and the ACORN community organizing group.  Was it because of political bias on the part of the Times, or simply lack of appropriate journalistic evidence?

Times journalist Dvaid Rohde was kidnapped in Afghanistan in 2008 by the Taliban.  What balance was struck between the public’s right to know and the safety of the journalist when the Times requested a worldwide media blackout of the event?

NBC’s “To catch a predator” reality show would a use a sting operation to catch men in the act of seeking sex with underage girls.  The program blurred the lines between journalism and law enforcement, with questionable ethical behavior in “making” news rather than “reporting” it.

When Congressman Mark Foley was involved in a sex scandal involving male pages, two major Florida newspapers declined to publish incriminating e-mails.  A blogger ultimately helped reveal the information, leading to questions regarding why these news organizations erred on the side of respecting the Congressman’s privacy.

When the national media made a big deal about candidate Hillary Clinton’s display of emotion on the campaign trail, it led to debate over whether her candidacy was a victim of sexism and a double-standard of gendered news accounts.


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