assignment 1 tips

You are to identify a claim in an op-ed piece, but I’ve also asked for a couple of additional articles to be cited in your assignment (the references are to be an extra page attached to your required 3 pages).  You don’t have to find articles expressing the opposing view to your main claim–these are just for any additional details helpful in describing the situation.  You are asked to describe the “issue”, which will require giving some attention to how the main op-ed claim “fits.”

Note that the articles don’t have to be on the same exact topic but rather should be a source for details in helping you understand the basic “issue” within which the claim is located.

Your subject can be an international topic, as long as it comes from an op-ed in the Times, and it can be anytime within the last two years–so feel free to search online.  Supporting articles can be from up to two years back as well.  Your newspaper subscription gives you full access to the Times archive. If you find an op-ed column that you prefer to use not from the Times, submit it to me for approval.

The assignment can be written in separate numbered paragraphs addressing the questions (no need to repeat the questions).  You only need to attach the op-ed piece, not the other articles.  A Times blog article is also acceptable for your supporting articles, as is an editorial. If the op-ed piece doesn’t have an identified author then it’s not an op-ed opinion article.


8 Responses to “assignment 1 tips”

  1. fatemabasrai Says:

    Can we use an internet op-ed from the Times?

  2. fatemabasrai Says:

    and material from a times blog?

  3. Kayla Klepac Says:

    We’re asked to identify the writer whose claim we’re studying (point #4 on the questions to answer) and a few things about them. For many of the Times op-ed pieces, no one writer’s name is given. Can we just consider it to be authored by the general voice of the New York Times?

  4. BridgetteWargolet Says:

    So the supporting articles can be from two years back as well?

  5. Miranda Says:

    Are we allowed to write more than 3 pages?

  6. Allison Brown Says:

    Is this supposed to be written like a normal paper? I don’t understand the part about numbering the answers we have to the questions asked. should we start our paragraph off like:

    1. How would you define the basic issue in dispute?
    Then write our response underneath like so.

    or just begin to write like normal, while answering the questions and just place a (1) before the paragraph for each question being answered.

    How is this supposed to be handled as far as organization of the paper?

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