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If you haven’t gotten the Pulse or Flipboard apps for newsreading (both now free), these add an appealing new dimension to organizing news and blog feeds on a mobile device. As a front-end window for newssites (much as Google is the defacto front porch for many small businesses), these apps have the potential to bring traffic to otherwise obscure sites.

For small blogs that do not have the resources to build their own mobile apps, Pulse could serve as their main app, Mr. Kothari and Mr. Gupta say. To help readers discover new information sources, it features 10 publications, often small blogs, each week, and it is considering ways to incorporate recommendations from readers’ friends or experts in particular fields.

Such sites have the capability of adding to the visitors of even established sites like the Huffington Post.  However, once technology has enhanced all the ways we read and get connected to news and newssites, the next step is to figure out how to fund more “boots on the ground” reporting to drive all these data streams.


One Response to “news readers”

  1. Hugh Brady Says:

    I think the last paragraph hits the nail on the head. The app fixes one small part of the issues related to new media but leaves the larger question of how to fund enterprise reporting and substantial analysis. Perhaps it will help monetize the smaller sites by driving traffic to them. However, it seems that even with this app that the small publishers/reporters will still have to drive the traffic themselves — or feature reporting primarily on soft topics and popular culture/gossip to get featured or to get recommended by substantial number of readers.

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