the media “team”

David Carr (upcoming 310 guest) makes a number of important points in today’s column, noting the departure of The Washington Post’s starr media player Howard Kurtz to the online Daily Beast.

More and more, media outlets are becoming a federation of individual brands like Mr. Kurtz. Journalism is starting to look like sports, where a cast of role players serves as a platform and context for highly paid, high-impact players….On a journalistic level, the new playing field is more even. Many people see the news in aggregated form on the Web, and when they notice a link that interests them, they click on it with nary a thought about the news organization behind it. Information stands or falls on its magnetism, with brand pedigree becoming secondary.



One Response to “the media “team””

  1. Devon Says:

    This was a fantastic column about everything journalism students need to be considering but while it does a fine job of addressing the issues that make us uneasy, it doesn’t do much to ease our worries. Carr’s point about print bringing in dollars while the web rakes in pennies was especially well targeted. My highest paying writing gig on the web pays $0.12 a word, which is a pittance compared to what magazines pay. Every journalist I’ve seen speak about this issue has raised these points, but none seem unable to offer solutions. It sounds like in the future, writing for the web will be an easy job to get that pays somewhat less than nothing.

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