Texas in the Times

The campus shooting was wall-to-wall in the local media, also making the New York Times as a smaller item.  Note the photo selected from a Daily Texan photographer.  The accompanying news brief, p. a21, made mention of the 1966 Tower shooting, providing an interesting preview of our upcoming discussion of news framing.

The shooting began near a fountain in front of the UT Tower — the site of one of the nation’s deadliest shooting rampages more than four decades ago, when a gunman ascended the clock tower and fired down on dozens of people.

Journalists are always looking for historical events that fit within a broader “frame,” in this case the “school violence” frame leading them to connect 1966 with 2010.


4 Responses to “Texas in the Times”

  1. Huma Munir Says:

    While I agree that sometimes you do need a historical context, I don’t think it was relevant this time. UT is going to lose ratings as it is (even though the institution was not to be blamed), and it doesn’t help that major newspapers are covering it with that angel.

  2. anonymous Says:


    congrats on getting that fantastic picture in the Time Paper itself this morning. it’s a big deal!

  3. Hugh Brady Says:

    Many people in Austin, across Texas, and around the country remember the Whitman shootings — to ignore it isn’t very helpful. What I thought was useful was the fact that the stories put it in context and showed how good the current law enforcement response was.

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