our own 310 reporter

Here’s a report from one of our own class members.  Good job, Jonathan.


4 Responses to “our own 310 reporter”

  1. Olivia Wiley Says:

    great article Jonathan. Someone had to sit down and organize what happened step by step! I’m from Houston too by the way! =)

  2. Carolyn Helsel Says:

    Good job Jonathan! Everything that happened yesterday was a blur and in order to make sense of it, organization helps. I am glad we have a record of what our journalism class was like, because there are so many other points of view I heard yesterday from other locations.

  3. Megan Strickland Says:

    Great job Jon!

  4. Ashley Bingham Says:

    Hey great article! But I just wanted to let you know that the people banging on the doors were definitely just students who were being pulled off the streets. Some landscaper guy was pulling us all into the mirrored entryway and banging on the door trying to get us somewhere safe (even though I continually told him he was probably just freaking everybody out). I should have been in that class as well but it happened to be the one day I forgot my case response and went home to get it. So I instead found myself having to hide behind the Littlefield Fountain while the gunman shot off his gun right across the street. My friend was still in the classroom with all of my stuff as well as my phone so it was nice to hear what ya’ll went through as well. Great job.

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