a real-time news case study

This is not the way to normally teach the importance of timely and accurate news information, and the impact of the new social media platforms, but…  Today’s unfortunate incident with the shooting at PCL Library on the Texas campus was a case study in point. Shortly after the start of class this morning at 8:00, two students ran in claiming there had been shots fired.  After locking the 8 doors to the classroom and calling campus police, we hooked up to social media and local news feeds.  Three-+ hours later we were able to leave and take the long way around back to campus areas that had been secured.   We are glad no one else was injured, but I would be interested in your comments regarding how your responded to the crisis via media, and well did local news do under the circumstances?

One Response to “a real-time news case study”

  1. Daniel Laprea Says:

    The local media did an excellent job reporting the breaking news as they were developing. I’ve never been so thankful for the media. We were all enclosed in a classroom where we couldn’t hear or see anything, and KVUE kept us informed on what was happening. Knowing what was happening outside our classroom helped me stay calm. Also, I text messaged my friends and family after Andrew informed us about the gunman and the gunshots. My text message arrived 20 minutes before UT sent its first text message alert. My friends were very thankful that I informed them before UT did, and my family were glad they heard the news from me before they saw it on the news. In addition, I also kept updating my Facebook status as news were developing, warning other UT friends to stay where they were and informing everyone else that I was okay. I’ve never received so many text messages from friends around the country asking me where I was and if I was okay. The social media kept me connected with my loved ones during this eerie event, and I’m very thankful for it.

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