progressive values vs. the backlash

Bad news in today’s Times concerning the hope that issues can be addressed on the basis of reason, a Progressive Era value.  Two articles point to two related developments:  first is the huge disparity in campaign support being funneled to and favoring the Republicans. Corporate donations, unleashed by the recent Supreme Court ruling (Citizens United), are flowing to influence more agreeable policies.  Second, the recent book Backlash, argues that the current anti-government mood is fueled in part by an echo-chamber of misinformation, unfiltered by traditional journalistic reporting

“The electronic media” — including the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and local talk radio imitators, as well as social networking forces like Facebook and Twitter — which have enabled “like-minded Obama naysayers” to come together “without actual journalists intervening to filter out untrue information like the canard about the president’s birth certificate.”

And from the standpoint of this class, that’s a problem.

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