new forms of news

The Global Post provides news to a number of U.S.-based news partner organizations.  As one of many forms in the new journalism eco-system, the ideological dimension is unclear from the mission statement’s reference to an “American voice.”

We are proud to be an American news organization with a decidedly American voice. We also intend to seek out and tell the truth as we find it. To quote the great American newsman and foreign correspondent Edward R. Murrow, we aspire always to report the news “without fear or favor.”ege

This approach would seem to be an historical parallel to the early telegraph-based origin of the news wire services.  Like those outfits that were obliged to be “objective” in order to sell product to an uncertain final user, Global Post avoids the need to tailor the reporting to the niche of the news partner.  An “American voice” would seem to appeal to any U.S. news organization.


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