the media business

If you don’t read anything else in the Times, the Monday business section on media issues should be a must for “critical issues in journalism.”  On opinion-oriented cable news, MSNBC is called progressive but not partisan.  Partisan means supporting the party no matter what, while non-partisan, ideological means critiquing even like-minded partisans:articleInline-1

While much attention has been paid to the feud between the Fox News Channel and the White House, the Obama administration is now facing criticism of a different sort from Ms. Maddow, Keith Olbermann and other progressive hosts on MSNBC, who are using their nightly news-and-views-casts to measure what she calls “the distance between Obama’s rhetoric and his actions.”

Elsewhere, signs of the fluid definition of “journalism” are found in a couple of interesting places:  (1) the decision of Chicago prosecutors to go after Northwestern University student reporters (because that’s now increasingly where real journalism is happening) and (2) the Secretary of the Treasury inviting financial bloggers to a round-table discussion, another example of the Obama administration’s sophistication when it comes to adapting to new media realities.

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