Dobbs out at “opinion-free” CNN

The resignation of Lou Dobbs at CNN follows the general reshuffling of cable news to reflect ideological niche markets–with CNN striving for the audience that prefers its news in the more “objective” tradition.  It’s good news for those who saw Dobbs as a fear-monger, spreading rumors and unsubstantiated charges, particularly about immigration issues but including other fringe conversations like the “birther” movement.  Today’s Times has the story:business_111309

Mr. Dobbs had been the target of a campaign by Hispanic groups and media watchdogs who accused him of spreading misinformation. The media monitoring organization Media Matters even bought ads on competing networks condemning CNN for employing Mr. Dobbs.

On Thursday, the leaders of those anti-Dobbs campaigns said they were convinced they hastened the anchor’s departure and declared a victory. But CNN executives in private also sounded victorious — saying that they now have the opportunity to remake the 7 p.m. hour free of any anchor’s opinion.

So, on one hand it seems like a victory for more serious discourse, but more than likely Dobbs will find his way to Fox and retain his opinionated radio show.

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