more on obama vs. fox

The “case” of the administration’s conflict with the Fox News Network continues to get a lot of buzz, not the least of it from Fox itself. As often the case, the Daily Show has the most incisive take on the matter.s-JON-STEWART-large


One Response to “more on obama vs. fox”

  1. Alyson Says:

    I found this clip to be quite amusing. I fully appreciate the Daily Show’s comical spin on political issues. However, I do think the “War on Fox” is something that needs to be taken seriously. Although many view Fox as a biased channel – Fox itself admits to running twice as many hours of opiniated programs as it does news – Obama’s decision to ban Fox from the White House, I think, was a poor choice and will inevitably end up damaging his image and popularity with the people. For every right-leaning comment Fox makes, MSNBC and other sources make an equally left-leaning comment. I think this has become part of the media environment of today because of such niche markets in regard to political ideologies.

    I also think, though I know many would strongly disagree, that the banning of Fox shows a character weakness in President Obama. Every president must endure the scrutiny presented by the media as part of their job because it is part of the job of journalists to report on issues from alternative perspectives while providing balanced and truthful accounts of events. The best counter-example to Obama’s decision to “war with Fox” can be seen during the Bush Administration. It is clear that Bush was attacked repeatedly by several news organizations for many decisions that at one time had significant amounts of public support. Although the criticism was ever present, he did nothing to silence or censor news organizations from providing alternative accounts of the issues at hand.

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