the news opinion boundary

A “journalist” with Fox Business News, John Stossell, will speak to advocacy groups opposing Democratic health care reforms. It’s another round of tension between Fox and the administration for the role Fox has played in the political debate.  Stossell, a libertarian for years, was a favorite target of liberal media watchdog groups when he was at ABC because of his opionated approach to news.  The irony here is that the advocacy groups seek him out as a “credible journalist.”  articleInline

Greg Sargent, a blogger for the Web site, a Wahington Post Company Web site, wrote last week that Mr. Stossel would be effectively working “as a political activist” by attending the forums, and said it “doesn’t seem like great timing” given Fox’s feud with the White House.

Fox and other networks are increasingly built around opinion-based news, but concerning being “credible jouranlists” they can’t have it both ways.


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