continued rapid change in news industry

Figures released today show significant reductions in print circulation of major newspapers, but continued increase in website traffic.  As Jim Maroney, of the Dallas Morning News and sometimes visitor to J310, the paper has deliberately trimmed circulation and raised the price of the print edition as a premium product, while emphasizing its digital platform.

James M. Moroney III, publisher of The Morning News, said that the printed newspaper was becoming something of a premium product and that too much attention was paid to circulation figures, considering all that has changed. His paper raised its subscription price this year from $21 a month to $30, two years after adopting a policy that it would not deliver the paper outside a 100-mile radius.

“Everybody keeps telling the newspaper industry to evolve, to change, to become digital,” he said. “And when we do that and grow our audience, people focus on these print circulation numbers. We’ve taken the circulation down very deliberately.”

The reasons for the up to 10 percent decline in circulation over last year are many, but the bottom line remains the same–transition from print to digital forms.

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