a conspiracy hammer looking for a nail

In the echo-chamber world of opinion media, a political stance looks for facts that fit rather than a more disinterested search for truth.  Glen Beck is the conspiracy theorist host of his Fox network program, and his single-minded search for the facts that fit reminds me of the saying that when you’re a hammer the world is full of nails.  The latest version comes in his highlighting of an Obama adviser quoting China’s Chairman Mao as one of her favorite philosophers, evidence to him of her unsuitability to public life.  But as we have discussed with the McCarthy case, context is everything.  Consider for yourself from Beck’s own program clip in what context she was referencing Mao–(here, it seems clear, as an example of determination).

As for the “shocking” revelation in the conservative blogosphere that the Obama adviser admitted “controlling the press,” welcome to the modern world of public relations and the political campaigning industry.

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