dan rather in austin

Dan Rather has always aspired to the legacy of Edward R. Murrow, which is why he was so dogged in pursuing his case against CBS News–once the cream of the crop among broadcast news organizations. 88643-1 See previous blog posts on his court case. He’ll be speaking Thursday at 4:00 in the Union Ballroom, and we’ll attend instead of holding class.  Click here for more details.


2 Responses to “dan rather in austin”

  1. Amyna Dosani Says:

    Sorry this is unrelated to Dan Rather, but I read this article today and felt like sharing it. I thought it really relevant to our discussion about the extent of objectivity in journalism today.


    “‘My job is to tell a story and tell what’s going on, and if I tell you that I get emotional on one side or another, I open myself to criticism,’ he said.”

    Thought that was interesting… 🙂

  2. Ben Briones Says:

    I really enjoyed his lecture.

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