brooks: “no, it’s not about race”

Conservative columnist David Brooks has more to say about the populism and progressivism strands in American society–which he seems to say are contradictory impulses.  What we’re seeing is the latest iteration of that populist tendency and the militant progressive reaction to it. We now have a populist news media that exaggerates the importance of the Van Jones and Acorn stories to prove the elites are decadent and un-American, and we have a progressive news media that exaggerates stories like the Joe Wilson shout and the opposition to the Obama schools speech to show that small-town folks are dumb wackos.ts-brooks-190

If the problem for the populists was concentration of power, and the solution for the progressives was social betterment through an emerging knowledge class (including journalists), that tendency has been hijacked to the extent that journalists became too wrapped up with other elites and unable to do their job in acting as a counterweight to power:  both corporate and government.


One Response to “brooks: “no, it’s not about race””

  1. fatemabasrai Says:

    I hate turning on TV , hoping to be able to watch a simple new story and being disappointed. Journalists are their to report the news.. not create it. Fox and MSNBC are the worst.

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