media strategy on the right

I mentioned that conservative pundit Sean Hannity, among others, has taken up a charge of corruption against the community organizing group, “ACORN.”  As a traditional rhetorical strategy on the right, he complained that the issue was being ignored by the mainstream media (which of course Fox News is a part now), presumably because of pro-Obama sympathies.  Well, here’s an article about it in the front section of the mainstream New York Times.

Conservatives believe that they have hit upon a winning formula for such attacks: mobilizing people to dig up dirt, trumpeting it on talk radio and television, prompting Congress to weigh in and demanding action from the Obama administration.

In the echo-chamber world, the dominant strategy becomes figuring out who you’re against–then digging up reasons to damage them.  Considering the problems facing the country, is that the best way to prioritize the subjects for investigation, and how does it compare to the corruption investigations in the muckraking era?


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