media credibility continues down

The most recent Pew survey shows that media credibility continues the trend downward.

In this year’s survey, 63 percent of respondents said news articles were often inaccurate and only 29 percent said the media generally “get the facts straight” — the worst marks Pew has recorded — compared with 53 percent and 39 percent in 2007.

Seventy-four percent said news organizations favored one side or another in reporting on political and social issues, and the same percentage said the media were often influenced by powerful interests. Those, too, are the worst marks recorded in Pew surveys.543

The question, though, is what are people thinking of when they evaluate “news media”?  In the question it asks respondents about “news organizations,” and that makes it a little more specific to professional mainstream outlets.  But the “media” takes in a lot of ground, including traditional “straight” news, Glenn Beck and Keith Olberman.  Of course, “getting the facts” straight is an antiquated question–many pundits aren’t in the business of getting facts straight but finding facts that support their purposes.


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