conflicting claims: picturing an American casualty

Saturday’s paper featured a story about the AP’s decision to publish the photo of an American killed in action, much to the consternation of Defense Secretary Gates and others. Finding a basis for both claims about the right course of action would be the kind of topic appropriate for assignment 1.  See the lens blog for more on the power of the visual image.

One Response to “conflicting claims: picturing an American casualty”

  1. Rebecca Rochman Says:

    Although I feel that it was wrong to print this particular picture due to the stated wishes of the family, I believe that journalists have a right and a duty to post graphic images that show the reality of a situation. In a world where people have been dulled to violence through movies and TV, it is sometimes important to shock them with a graphic and haunting picture that says “This is no movie, this is reality”.

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