citizen journalism in mumbai

The terrorist attacks in India gave rise to a spurt of citizen journalism, using Twitter, Flickr, cell phones, cell cameras, and other easy to use tools.images-21

Much of this activity flourished early in the crisis, while there was a vacuum of official information either from government sources or from mainstream media outlets still struggling to understand the extent of the attacks.

If news is a conversation among citizens concerning what they need to know to function together, new social network technologies like Twitter, which at one time seemed like a strictly superficial time-waster, now provide a platform of far-flung communities to keep up with what’s going on (particularly in times of crisis and lack of traditional media information, such as in Mumbai).


2 Responses to “citizen journalism in mumbai”

  1. Write On! FIG Says:

    We are studying for your exam and thought about your blog! Yay! You should totally give a shout-out to us in class for reading the blog.

  2. Janet Says:

    Sites like Twitter and Facebook clearly know how to keep the attention of the younger population. However, up until now, they served no purpose for many young Americans except to keep in touch with others from their same generation. It now seems like there may be a way to get the younger generation of Americans involved and invested in current events and politics. We may be entering a new era where citizen journalism rules. Doesn’t it seem probable that younger generations might be more inclined to read and respond to news if it came to them via tweets and Facebook posts? News can interest anyone- it merely needs to be presented using the appropriate medium for its audience.

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