dan rather’s biggest story

Armed with subpoena power, former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, is determined to get satisfaction after his less than graceful exit from that organization.  A member of the UT College of Communication board of advisors, Rather is at the stage in his life where what matters most is not the money or his position but protecting his legacy (which he has always regarded as part of the lineage of Edward R. Murrow). The case illustrates the power of partisan media attacks, exemplified by Accuracy in Media, which for many years had made “Fire Dan Rather” an anti-“liberal media” mantra.  If CBS is an independent professional news organization, why did it feel compelled (as Rather has discovered) to consider conservative panelists on its investigation into Rather’s reporting, including the possibility of Roger Ailes, head of Fox News?!  To satisfy the right-wing.  Nevertheless, to understand the still significant difference between CBS and Fox News, ask yourself how likely Fox would be to mount an independent panel of review into its reporting practices.  CBS’s effort was flawed, but at least they attempted one.17rather6001


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