foxification of J310

A student wrote:

I just have a comment. I have noticed that whenever the issue of bias in the news comes up, Fox news seems to be the reflex reaction for discussion. I get the impression that Conservative bias seems worse to people than liberal bias.I am curious as to whether or not you see a benefit in avidly portraying bias on the left (for example when MSNBC basically said they were supporting Obama and would do whatever was necessary to get him elected) as I do think it is equally as relevant as the issue of Fox (which is the only prominent right-leaning station that I’ve noticed). Especially since they [MSNBC] seemed to have openly admitted to their bias. I think that showing openly liberal bias on popular news stations will put a more even picture in a lot of people’s minds. What are your thoughts?

My reply:  Good point, and that’s why I often try to mention msnbc in my examples.  Fox is the pioneer of course and still the ratings leader, so I guess I gravitate to that case study.  Also in their case, they claim to be “fair and balanced” so it’s interesting to compare the claim with the reality.  But you’re correct that there are new echo chambers that respond to the right-wing ones. (Feel free to comment)

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