press bias as rhetorical strategy

The LA Times apparently has a video of Obama attending an event with a Palestinian figure, a professor at Columbia who the McCain campaign would like to reference in its campaign strategy.  The Times refused to release it because that was the agreement with the source.  Of course, McCain argues that the lack of cooperation is due to press bias, and that the paper wouldn’t hesitate to release information damaging to him.  This non-falsifiable “double-standard” attack on the media is a standard tactic, as we have seen, as is the desire to protect sources who would dry up if they weren’t.


2 Responses to “press bias as rhetorical strategy”

  1. Annette Villarreal Says:

    I would have assumed the Los Angeles Times were a liberal newspaper. But why is it impossible to have completely objective newspapers? The media distorts so much information into their own liking.

  2. W. Anderson Says:

    ^Think you might’ve missed the point of the above post. Or the class we’re taking.

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