john pilger speaks

Australian journalist John Pilger spoke on campus this week, arguing that journalism is about being “in the field,” and, I would expect, doing the kind of incremental investigation that was the proper model of Watergate–not the false celebrification of journalism that leads to uniformed or partisan-dictated punditry.


4 Responses to “john pilger speaks”

  1. Courtney Sevener Says:

    I would agree with this theory about having to “Be in the field”. it’s better to determine what’s news to you because that’s closer to the community rather than relying on elites to spoon feed you a lead.

  2. Alexandria Walters Says:

    As a journalist, you have to be “in the field” but not of the field. That is to say, you have to go out there and get the story that you need-get the raw facts, know what’s going on, get first hand experience-but at the same time, you have to be non-biased, and not state your feelings or opinion on whatever it is that you are covering. Journalists deliver the facts, and should save opinions for the Op-Ed section of the newspapers.

  3. Gabriel Gibaldi Says:

    I agree that journalists need to immerse themselves in the particular story they are covering, but to say that they need to steer clear of partisan lines is a bit hard to comprehend.

    Journalists are people, and people have different opinions about different subjects…while the “American model” of journalism attempts to remain objective and non-biased, I see that ideal as an illusion.

    In other words I think that journalists many times play with words to make a story devoid of partisan ties, but the fact of the matter is that there’s some opinion imbedded in reportings.

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