the changing newspaper habit

Daily newspaper circulation continues a decline that accelerated in 2007.  Only USA Today and Wall St. Journal bucked the trend and held steady, but the others are losing their readers at a quick rate (3 to 5 percent since same time last year).  Of course, many are moving to the online platform, but the newspapers have only aggravated the problem by making the daily paper smaller with fewer articles, not the way to attract and keep readers.  For readers of my generation, the newspaper is an appointment–something to read at meals, in the plane, or you know where, and the printed paper is an appointment product.  For younger people, news is a utility–download it and track it throughout the day.  Online fits that model.


3 Responses to “the changing newspaper habit”

  1. Priscilla Totiyapungprasert Says:

    Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I like the idea of having a newspaper in my hand. Not that I don’t read the news online, but I also like the idea of getting “unplugged”, sprawling outside on the grass with a textbook, pleasure book, or newspaper.

    The thinner newspapers issue is part of this horrible cycle where newspapers aren’t making money, so they cut printing costs, but that leads to a less appealing newspaper, so newspaper lose more readers —> lose more money. :[

    Um, consolation prize: it’s more environmentally friendly at the very least.

  2. Destinee Says:

    It’s really difficult for me to develop the habit of reading a newspaper. I really do like news online simply because it’s less cumbersome, and easier to read. Also, the electronic format allows for more pictures and video attachments. This makes the news experience more interactive…

    It is sad however, that newspaper circulation is down to the point where they have to cut back on the news! Especially for the people who prefer that medium…

  3. Roxanna Says:

    Reading the news on the internet is so distracting. I am reading an article with about 5 advertisements all around. Also the fact that I am on the internet, makes me want to check my social networking websites like MySpace. So reading the news on the web can be distracting to the point that 5 hours pass and I still haven’t gone to it. In the other hand, having the actual newspaper is better to read. I can sit down and read it without having my attention divided. Finding time to read it with everything I have to do in a day…that is another story. I agree that because less people are reading the newspaper, the papers have gotten smaller to cut down on printing cost.

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