time ombudsman talks about bias

Clark Hoyt, as the “public editor”, looks into complaints about professional behavior in the Times–today, concerning bias.  Until now, Prof. S. Robert Lichter, has been associated with studies purporting to find liberal bias–until his most recent study, showing Obama at the disadvantage in terms of media coverage.  Bill O’Reilly atacked the study as giving the “bad guys in the media… protection.”  Whether the outcome of an academic or journalistic investigation provides “protection” to the targets of those investigations is beside the point of legitimate inquiry.

One Response to “time ombudsman talks about bias”

  1. Ivy Brom Says:

    The following link is of an article directly addresses bias in journalism today, and I think it gets down to the real nitty gritty. It’s written by a Democrat, but he’s obviously disgusted by what has become of journalism. Regardless of who the story favors, journalists are supposed to report the truth; but instead they are using their position to aid whatever party/politician they personally are rooting for. I think this article is raw, stunning, and exactly the sort of voice all journalists should be listening to, regardless of party affiliation, if they ever are going to get back on track.


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