news endorsements

Historically, American newspapers have endorsed Republicans for president, although that trend appears to reverse itself this election.  According to the Caucus section in the Times, the Chicago Tribune will endorse Obama.  Also in the Caucus is a report on Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who regards Obama’s views as anti-American.  In view of our McCarthy discussion, these ill-defined and absurd claims stick out as meaningful only insofar as they are designed to separate “them” (the other) from “us.” (Indeed, her comments have been labeled “McCarthyistic.”) It’s unfortunately all to easy to read a racialized implication just below the surface, signaling who and which groups we really mean as American and who we don’t. Otherwise, what would constitute an “anti-American view”?


3 Responses to “news endorsements”

  1. W. Anderson Says:

    Link doesn’t seem to work in the newest version of Firefox.

  2. W. Anderson Says:

    Looks like it’s working now.

  3. Mason Scheer Says:

    This weekend seems to be full of new endorsements. However, I think the major one to come out of this weekend has to be the announcement that Colin Powell is supporting Barack Obama

    This one endorsement has single-hndedly eliminated the experience claim used by the Republicans against Obama

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