the roots of misinformation

Today, we mentioned the recent Times story on Andy Martin, the go-to guy for innuendo and whisper campaigns, with claims featured uncritically on Sean Hannity’s America program.

The most persistent falsehood about Senator Barack Obama’s background first hit in 2004 just two weeks after the Democratic convention speech that helped set him on the path to his presidential candidacy: “Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion.”

The issues of the McCarthy case study are alive and well.  Only when the history of claims by Martin are laid out for analysis does the story really communicate the “truth.”


3 Responses to “the roots of misinformation”

  1. Jordan Thomas Says:

    So now the hot topic of accusation is either terrorism or Islam. And before McCarthyism and communism it was the Salem Witch Trials.

    Will we ever learn? We haven’t so far..

  2. Brandon Greenspan Says:

    Well, Arthur Miller, the person that wrote “The Crucible” was accused of being a communist.

  3. Jordan Thomas Says:

    But wasn’t he only accused of being a communist simply because the book he wrote was an attack on McCarthy? Because McCarthy had the power of going after those who disagreed with him and disrupting their lives, he exercised it.

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