McCarthy and McCarthyism

a short documentary on the historical context.

2 Responses to “McCarthy and McCarthyism”

  1. Denise Says:

    Wow…the fact that Joe McCarthy got away with such an ordeal is shocking. I hardly think a person would get away with that sort of thing now. Especially since we have multiple ways of verifying information, due to improved and modern technology.

    This story actually reminds me of of an event that happened last year, when I was Editor-In-Chief of my school newspaper. We had extra space in our newspaper and we had to fill it…we couldn’t just leave white space in there. The Advisor told us that he over heard some kids talking about this kid being on the Houston Dynamo Soccer Team. So, desperately, I sent a staff reporter to go interview him. After I read what the reporter wrote, I became suspicious to the vague quotes from the guy. I simply got on the internet and looked at the team’s roster and found out he was lying. I never put the story in and the “player” got mad (all he wanted was attention from the student body)…I simply printed out the roster and told him to show me proof.
    So, thanks to the convenience of the internet…I didn’t print anything lacking truth.

  2. Destinee Says:

    I think that the press was in a precarious position between trying to be objective, and at the same time, discrediting a senator who much of the public felt was doing something that was right (fighting communism).

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