a plea for issue-based reasoning

In the midst of our discussions of race, here is a moving plea from Donna Brazile on the distance the country has come in race relations and how much further she hopes it will go.  One of my former students sent it to me, an African-American PhD graduate from our school, Prof. Reggie Owens at Louisiana Tech.

2 Responses to “a plea for issue-based reasoning”

  1. carolineleigh Says:

    This is remarkable. It’s nice to see someone confront the elephant in the corner that people only seem to acknowledge in private rooms with hushed voices. There is a substantial chance, as Brazile stated, that Obama could lose the election if the Bradley Effect manifests itself too strongly, come November 4th. Let’s hope enough of us hear Brazile’s plea that we can make a difference.

  2. Jean Kwon Says:

    I like the way she made things simple and personal. I didn’t feel like she was trying to convince me with eloquent speeches or honey-coated words. She just said what she wanted to say. What Donna said really made me think about Obama–yes, he’s a black man. But I never really thought about how he never grew up in what I think people would consider a “black” household. In a sense, he grew up very “white” yet despite everything, it comes only down to one thing: color. In terms of media, what if this election was only broadcasted by radio because there was no such thing as television. During the McCarthy era, television brought about the downfall of Senator McCarthy. I wonder what would happen if we couldn’t see the candidates and could only judge them with their words—how would it affect the election…

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