a new take on cover retouching

A new take on the photo-manipulation issue.  In a recent Fox News analysis, the charge was that the photo by not being retouched appeared to be unfavorable toward Sarah Palin.  Sexism or partisan bias:  the charge of sexism, like the charge of media bias, can be both an argument and a political strategy.

4 Responses to “a new take on cover retouching”

  1. Jordan Thomas Says:

    I find it ironic that they are claiming it is ‘unfavorable’ by NOT retouching the photo, but if they were to retouch it and make it unnatural (in the sense that she would look different than if you were to see her on the street) I’m sure there would be more of an upset because of favoritism.

  2. Roxanna Says:

    That is exactly what I was thinking. People just like to find things to be upset about. I think this was a political strategy. I mean if they were to retouch it they would be mad too.

  3. Jesse Says:

    This photo is a great shot!!! The republicans are just trying to change the subject from the economy… I dunno, I used to like McCain (even though I would have never voted for him), but now a days it seems like he has given up his principles and soul just for the campaign. This is the type of garbage we get…

  4. Elah Nouri Says:

    I honestly think that if “Newsweek” had put any picture of Sarah Palin, people would still be upset about it. Conservatives think that the media is solely against Palin, and many of them try to defend her as much as possible, even if their argument is wrong. Even if they don’t agree with Palin’s ideas, I still think people are fascinated by Sarah Palin. Everyone is so confused as how this women went from being the Governor of Alaska to being technically “a heartbeat” away from being President of the United States.

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