partisan politics and “hostile” media

The hostile media charge may lead to a severe response among conservative voters.  The ultimate polarization of debate becomes demonization of the enemy, and to the extent that the media are identified with “the enemy,” it may have unfortunate repercussions for journalist safety.

One Response to “partisan politics and “hostile” media”

  1. W. Anderson Says:

    The short snipet from Sargent and Milbank’s story both portray rather ghastly reactions to the media. As future members of the industry, we are prone to hope that such outrages exist only at the FAR end of the spectrum, but that may not be the case anymore (just check the results for “anti-media” on GoogleNews []).

    Pairing this anti-media hostility with some of the mentioned “anti-intellectualism” of Palin forms a deadly equation that really violates traditional conservatism.

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