political theater

Another review of a candidate performance by Alessandra Stanley, Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric.  Decide for yourself how the interview affected Palin’s image (and Couric’s journalistic reputation). The current news environment makes the interview old news by the time it’s completely aired on CBS, given its distribution through various blogs and other electronic sharing. In an upcoming case about the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, we’ll discuss the impact of the internet on news decisions, but surely since then one of the key effects has been the amplification of news reports as they reach secondary and multiple other markets.

6 Responses to “political theater”

  1. Jordan Thomas Says:

    It is such a joke that she thinks being near Russia is her foreign policy experience..

  2. Aaron Says:

    I really hope that people see this as it is…so many people will just respond that Couric was picking on her and that this is the liberal MSM trying to trap her.

  3. Lynda Says:

    They are having SO much fun with this:


  4. Eric Says:

    I feel Palin was somewhat overwhelmed in that interview. Couric expected her to know everything about McCain, his history, what the polls say, etc. I think it was too much to expect. Palin is still learning the ways of the real political world, and I think the media should respect that.

  5. Chelsea Says:

    I feel that Sarah Palin might as well start answering questions by simply stating, “I’m sorry, my tutor and I haven’t gone over that one yet.” Why should the media, or anyone, respect a VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE’s lack of political knowledge? However, Couric has often been criticized for not being a “hard news journalist” and may be perceived as having picked an easy target to use to her advantage. Charles Blow wrote an op-ed article in the NYT a week ago that articulates my frustration:

  6. Denise Says:

    I’m rather afraid of a world where I respect Paris Hilton’s well-formulated and excellently delivered prepared answer (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/64ad536a6d) compared to our possible future VP’s answers in this interview. Any sort of “good will” for Palin disappeared faster than light into a black hole. It was a disaster of gigantic proportions. No, the media didn’t set a trap for her. She did it on her own.

    I am forced to propose a future Paris/Rihanna ticket. That’s hot.

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