Cable news: journalism vs entertainment

You know a news program is something other than journalism when it’s reviewed in the “arts” section of the Times.  The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC features a smart host (PhD from Oxford and Rhodes Scholar), but in format it follows the echo-chamber mold.  Reading the review of the show reminds me of how packaged such shows are (including counterparts on Fox), conforming to a pre-set story line (the position and contribution of the guests are for the most part predictable and well known in advance) rather than an effort to actually find something out that we didn’t know before.


One Response to “Cable news: journalism vs entertainment”

  1. Rucker Says:

    It’s not that I mind the way in which Maddow’s show leans -MSNBC gave an Air America radio show host a TV show, so her bias should be expected- it’s that it seems so hypocritical of MSNBC considering the amount of criticism they’ve poured on Fox News over the years for doing essentially the same thing. We’ll just need to accept that the term “news” encompasses so much more now than it used to, including not only what actually happened, but also any and everyone’s personal opinions on it as well. “News” is no longer strictly fact-based, but rather personal-opinion-based-on-fact-based. Americans are politically divided and they like to find people on TV who they agree with to spin the news in a way that satisfies them, which is why shows like these aren’t going away any time soon.

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