ads, news, and the daily buzz

Kate Phillips, our upcoming online journalist guest, notes the following for you to consider:

We are indeed watching the explosion of ads by the candidates — both web-only and on TV, in part to fact-check their content but also to monitor how much paid play the commercials actually receive on TV (the underlying messages — facts vs. image-making — also have been worthy of exploring repeatedly. think obama as celebrity, mccain as out-of-touch, and now palin — still unformed perhaps in the public’s mind.)  This campaign season — like no other — offers a glut of outlets for candidates, but the question is, how much can voters digest and what sources offer guidance to cut through the haze. one singular question i’ve been asking is whether paid tv commercials are even worth it anymore. Check out some of the ads that have made it online;  that would be worthy of discussion since the candidates rely heavily on advertising because they’re only campaigning in battleground states right now. 


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