journalism & the truth

Paul Krugman, one of the most prominent op-ed columnists tackles the issue of campaign inaccuracies (or, if you will, “lies”).  He identifies two important journalistic routines that may prevent the exposure of these lies, and thus derail the quality of the democratic discourse:  (1) journalists may feel compelled to “balance” finding a less serious violation from the other side which allows them to claim everyone is doing it and not single out any particular agent for blame (2) instead of addressing the evidence, they focus on “inside baseball”, speculating instead on how the other candidate will deal with the charge (true or false).  In this instance, he singles out the McCain campaign for two particular charges (which i discussed in class yesterday), a view reinforced by the Times’ own editorial position on the main editorial page.


One Response to “journalism & the truth”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Thank You Paul Krugman!!! I sort of made this point earlier in my comment about the whole Lipstick on a Pig thing. I agree whole heartedly that when journalists try to stay balanced, they stray from pointing out the faults of what they are feeding to the public. Just because facts are reported doesn’t mean that it is Journalism. It should be up to the Journalists to dig and present the truth and compare it to what these candidates are saying.

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