Journalists and self-interest

An excellent analysis by Glenn Greenwald (pertaining to our discussion of the elements of journalism) of the duty of the journalist, whether they share responsibility for the tone and content of the campaign (they should).  How much time will be spent on meaningless comments (“lipstick on a pig”)!

One Response to “Journalists and self-interest”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I think the entire “lipstick on a pig” debacle is outrageous! The media is simply fueling this discussion by giving it so much air time. Obama was refering to the policies of John McCain. I think that in trying to be by-partisan, the media has become meek. It seems that the journalists have become increasingly afraid of simply going out and saying, “this is all a lie!” It should be the media’s duty to filter the things that the candidates and shed light on the truth. More often than not, when I am watching CNN, I see a story, and then ask myself what the point of that story was, and I cannot answer. Sure they bring information to my television, but to what purpose? I agree with Mindich in Tuned Out, it does seem that the media is focusing more and more to their advertisers rather than bringing hard hitting news to the people.

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