St. Paul protests continued

St. Paul is a city we’ll hear more about in the upcoming Minnesota basketball cheating scandal.  Law enforcement agents appear to be overzealous in preventing disruption to the city, including the arrests of journalists.  The local paper editorialized in support of the police saying the arrests of journalists was mistaken and the exception.  Is that a credible claim?

One Response to “St. Paul protests continued”

  1. Brian Says:

    The claim is credible in the sense that it’s sincere, which is a little more disturbing than the alternative, honestly. The “good, quiet, meek, compliant people” Greenwald refers to in his Salon article ( are the same ones voicing the editorial, and the mainstream newspaper voices that happily denounced the Beijing atrocities are now too timid to tackle any domestic issues. This hypocrisy is the main problem I see in this whole St. Paul ordeal – traditionally a problem assigned only to overzealous Iraq war jingoists and conservatives, many liberals are now all too happy to point out international social issues that exist clearly in America, and it’s becoming the norm to ignore our own problems (usually in the form of poor minorities or radical leftists) as long as they remain quiet, in their own neighborhoods, and away from our utopian vision of America. I seem to be out in tangent-land, so I’ll cut it off here – it’s a GODdamn shame when journalists turn on journalists like the Star-Tribune did, though, and illustrates again the problem of news media with “interests” to protect – in a perfect news world, the only interest to protect would be the first amendment, not advertisers, political groups, and readership numbers.

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