Journalists and police at the RNC

The conflict continues between public expression and efforts to control it.  Of course, the obvious comparison that will be made by commentators is with the efforts in China to control dissent.  How do the two cases differ?

4 Responses to “Journalists and police at the RNC”

  1. W. Anderson Says:

    A little more balanced coverage than, at least.

  2. Allison Harris Says:

    It’s extremely disturbing that the police arrested Amy Goodman for “obstruction” for crossing a police line and attempting to ask a question. From the video posted, it doesn’t even appear that she would have had time to go back across the line before she was arrested!
    And how does somebody taking photos get arrested on a riot charge?
    If this is an isolated incident, it is extremely disturbing. If it’s a common pattern, then something is seriously wrong with the law, if it’s broad enough to arrest people for being journalists, or the training of police officers, who don’t know that being a journalist isn’t a crime.

  3. John Odum Says:

    I think the comparison between American police trying to do their duty and Chinese leaders suppressing dissent is quite a stretch. These officers were merely trying to do their job of protecting the public and maintaining order. Granted, they made mistakes in arresting these reporters/photographers but with the hundreds of violent protesters around, I’m sure the police were just trying to get a handle on the situation.

  4. Ben Allensworth Says:

    Its disturbing that these knuckleheads caused this riot in the first place. Why does this happen so often in America these days

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