changing views of news

Newspapers are changing rapidly.  Tim Rutten’s article in the LA Times cites the reliable Pew Survey data to show that younger people are more critical of news media, more likely to use the internet (of course) and more dissatisfied with cable news shows’

“In other words, although the younger and better-educated consumers of serious news may be hungry for more analysis and interpretation, they’re increasingly turned off not only by Fox’s partisanship but also by CNN’s and MSNBC’s opportunistic attempts to match the ratings success of Rupert Murdoch’s network. It’s clear all three cable networks, whatever their politics, have decided it’s anger that sells in their medium, and that’s where they’ve settled. Thus we have right-wing anger (Fox’s Bill O’Reilly), left-wing anger (MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann), faux-populist anger (CNN’s Lou Dobbs) and crypto-fascist rage (Headline’s Nancy Grace).”

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